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This image is outlined with a hot pink frame and shows two hearts entwined. The first heat is the image of Aquarius, the water-bearer, and the second is the same image of Aquarius. This image is used to depict the romantic Aquarius Aquarius relationship.

The Water Bearers

Air and air, communication on a high level. Two lovable and intellectual science-geeks who invent and reinvent ways to better our planet and improve life for all its inhabitants. This union is very protective and supportive of each other. They accomplish great social deeds and turn impossible humanitarian projects into reality. Conversations never lag, as there are so many new, exciting things and ideas for you to discuss, but you don’t need words to speak or even SMS. The Aquarius-Aquarius relationship happens to be one of the most in-sync of the zodiac, as each partner has the ability to telepathically send and receive messages to the other. This beautiful union goes above conscious reason and is a true manifestation of real love. If you are lucky enough to have an Aquarian partner, don’t let them go.


This image is star-shaped and shows Aquarius, the water-bearer facing to her left.This image is star-shaped and shows Aquarius, the water-bearer facing to her right.

Aquarius Compatibility with Aquarius

Aquarian connections with other Aquarians are intellectually charged and socially dynamic. The sun sign of Aquarius is governed by Uranus, which is the planet of innovation. Water-bearers share a unique compatibility that easily helps develop closeness through shared ideals and forward-thinking perspectives. When two Aquarians get together romantically, their visionary thinking and humanitarian ideals offer a strong sense of interdependence. Both of you constantly seek to push boundaries and challenge conventional wisdom, and together, your combined intellect is razor sharp, with your hearts beating in sync with the rhythm of each other. When visionary souls unite, they create a dynamic partnership that celebrates experimentation and transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on both of their hearts.

The compatibility between two Aquarians can be greatly harmonious; however, challenges can arise. Both share an independent nature which may lead to a desire for too much personal space. If you’re an Aquarian in a relationship with another Aquarian, then do your best to be sure that communication is clear, honesty is never compromised, and meet in the middle when it’s necessary. These three things are essential to help avoid any potential hurdles and will serve to strengthen your connection.


Influential Astrological Alignments

When the New Moon is in the sun sign of Aquarius, Aquarian couples may feel the need for some emotional freedom but they also will experience a heightened inspiration for innovation and aspirations, both of which are shared with their partner.

When the Full Moon appears in Libra or Gemini, Aquarian couples may feel the effect of illuminating enlightenment, peaceful harmony, and increased balance with mutual, intuitive understanding.

When Venus, the planet of love and relationships transits through the sign of Aquarius, you may expect it to enhance romantic attractions and communication. Shared interests between Aquarian partners harmonize, working with the natural energies of Aquarius to strengthen their romantic bond.

When Jupiter transits through Aquarius in the natal chart, it brings blessings, joy, and a sense of adventure to the Aquarian couple’s relationship. Explore and expand your horizons and dreams together during Jupiter transits for intensified romantic experiences.

During Mercury retrograde periods, Aquarian relationships may experience communication challenges and misunderstandings; however, this is also a time that provides ample opportunities for reflection and introspection. Aquarian couples will find the Mercury retrograde especially wonderful for resolving past conflicts in their relationship, as they will both receive gifts of increased patience, emotional flexibility, and clear communication during these phases to clear up any misunderstandings and strengthen their connection.